Um… gateway to… what?
Harmony. Specifically, barbershop harmony. We’re a chorus of about 25 men from the West Niagara area in-and-around Grimsby, Ontario who love to sing four-part a capella in the barbershop style. As a chorus, we’ve been entertaining and enlivening local groups, events, and audiences since 1967.

As a chartered member of the Barbershop Harmony Society our chapter is part of a much larger fellowship of chapters in Canada, the US and beyond.

So you think you CAN’T sing…
If that sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone: most of the guys in our chorus felt the exact same way starting out. “I’d love to sing with you guys, but I could never sing as well as you guys do!”

Here’s what makes our chorus different than most. We never ask ‘How good a singer are you?’ What matters much, much more to us is this: ‘How good a singer do you want to be?’

NGH is a great choice for the ‘everyday singer’ who wants to learn to sing well. We pride ourselves on our ability to encourage, cultivate and develop the singing skills of the novice singer. It’s a fundamental, designed-in passion of our training program, our music team, and our chorus director. It doesn’t matter what level of singer you are when you enter this chorus–if what you desire is to sing, and to sing well–we will show you how.

Can’t find the note? Not sure of your breath control? Can’t read sheet music? Not a big concern. We recognize the reality of different starting skill levels, and also the different styles of learning. We have a very relaxed and patient teaching style. We use first rate training tracks, and most importantly — we all support each other in the quest to become great singers in a great, friendly chorus.

So… how many medals has this chorus won?
Niagara Gateway Harmony is a chapter in the Ontario District which means that we have access to a terrific pool of training and chorus development resources, which includes our eligibility in District competitions. The district chorus competitions are bi-annual events that bring together choruses from all over Ontario and are a great chance to gain valuable vocal and performance experience–not to mention a ton of fun to just attend and enjoy the performances! Would we consider ourselves a competitive chorus? Short answer: no.

That’s not to say we don’t enter contests as part of our chorus’ development. But the focus or spirit of Niagara Gateway Harmony is empowering ourselves and our audiences with the pleasureful experience of singing great songs–together. This same community-centric spirit is reflected with our fundraising efforts for community causes, as well as the support of singing programs in our local schools.

Hold on… is singing in a quartet more your thing?
We have an active (and growing) quartet program as well as many regular opportunities to ‘give it a try’. If you’re interested in becoming a quartet singer, consider the benefits of being a part of a chorus that nurtures and supports your efforts–as well as providing access to great coaching sessions. And if you never tried singing in a quartet but would love to give it a try–come on in! The water, and the harmony, is just FINE!

Ready to take a test-drive?
Great! And relax, it’s real easy. From September to June,* the chorus meets Monday nights at the St. Andrew’s Anglican Church Hall, on St. Andrews Ave. in Grimsby. Rehearsals normally run from 7 til 9:45. Warm up, practice, breaks, snacks, maybe some quartet singing and always, more than a fair share of wisecracking! We also have a variety of other activities and events including guest coaches, quartet singing and something we call ‘woodshedding‘. If you’re stuck for a ride, or have additional questions, drop us a line (harmonize@ngharmony.ca).  We’d would love for you to be part of this fun too. Hope to see you soon!

* Summer practices vary. Please email, leave a comment here, or telephone us (see contact page) for details.


2 thoughts on “ABOUT NGH”

  1. Good afternoon

    My name is Natalie Iggulden and I am a Lunchout Coordinator with Meals on Wheels Thorold St Catharines

    Meals on Wheels is a non profit organization that provides affordable nutrition to adults who are unable to prepare meals for themselves

    Another program that we offer to the community is the Lunchout Program-anyone 55+ can attend the program -the client receives transportation to and from program , hot lunch and an activity such as Nickel Bingo , trivia  , local musical and theatre groups as well.

    I am wondering Niagara Gateway Harmony would consider coming and performing at one of our Lunchouts…. we have two locations-Russell Ave Community Centre and the Port Dalhousie Legion-the first Thursday and third Tuesday of the month.

    Due to a limited budget I would ask that you would be donating your performance to Meals on Wheels and the Lunchout Program

    If you have any questions or require more information please feel free to call me at 905-682-0333 or lunchout@mealsonwheels-tsc.ca

    Thank you for your consideration


    Natalie Iggulden

    1. Thank you for your request, we are discussing it internally and will get back to you as soon as possible.


      NGH Webmaster

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