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Map to St. Andrew's

Welcome Guests!

From September to June, we meet (nearly) every Monday night at the St. Andrew’s Anglican Church Hall on St. Andrews Ave. in Grimsby, Ontario. Practices start at 7 pm and end at 9:45 pm with a mid-rehearsal break at approximately 8:30.

Our summer schedule is more erratic due to the many vacation variables and what-not of the chorus members. If you’d like to check out a rehearsal in the summer months, please email, leave a comment here, or call the contact below and we’ll let you know when our next practice is scheduled.

What should you expect as a guest at our rehearsal?

One: A warm welcome!

As our guest whom we’ve invited we promise to… make you feel like one!

Two: Singing!

We’ll start with a brief one-to-one with Joy, our director. She’ll run you through some simple (painless!) voice placement routines and then introduce you to the group as we run through the warm-up. From there, we’ll continue through with our practice plans, which vary according to our performance schedule.

Any Questions?

We certainly hope so! In fact, as a guest, we encourage you to fire away about anything at all in our rehearsal routine — terms, procedures, barbershop culture, salsa recipes… anything! With a guest we’re always pleased to offer what answers we can.

“Can I bring a friend?”

Absolutely! Bring two, three, or more! This of course, includes spouses or anyone else you’d like to bring along.


Once again, you’re our guest. No cost or obligation implied for anyone attending a rehearsal for the purposes of ‘test-driving’ the barbershop experience.

What should I bring?

Yourself and your voice. We’ll provide all the rest.

Driving Directions

FROM THE EAST SIDE OF GRIMSBY, travelling along the Queen Elizabeth Way:
Once you see the ‘Grimsby’ sign, take the second exit ramp (the one after the Bartlett exit) called, “Maple, Ontario and Christie Street’. This brings you up to Maple St., then Ontario St., and finally to Christie Street.

Take a left here which will bring you back over the highway and put you on Christie St. At the second traffic light, turn right onto Elm St. (just past the Food Basics Mall), and continue to St. Andrew’s Ave.. Turn right; the Church Hall building and parking is on the left.

FROM THE WEST SIDE OF GRIMSBY, travelling along the Queen Elizabeth Way:
Take the second Grimsby exit, which is Christie Street, and turn right when you reach Christie. At the second traffic light, turn right onto Elm St. (just past the Food Basics Mall), and continue to St. Andrew’s Ave.. Turn right; the Church Hall building and parking is on the left.

Now get set for some real fun!

“What if I can’t get a ride?”

In most cases, if you live in the Niagara West area, or Fruitland/Stoney Creek, we have members who would be happy to provide you with a ride to and from our practice hall. Call Joy (905-643-3073) or Bruce (905-945-3495) for more information, or e-mail us at

“I showed up, but nobody was there!”

On the rare occasion where we’re scheduled for an event on our regular Monday night practice, we may not be in attendance. This is why, to avoid this disappointment we encourage all potential guests to give us a call (Joy 905-643-3073 or Bruce 905-945-3495) or drop us an e-mail ( prior to a Monday visit. We will try our best to include a warning about these special exceptions here on this page whenever possible.

Hope to see you soon!

7 thoughts on “Be our guest! Attend a rehearsal”

  1. Hello John!

    By all means, please drop-in and join us for this Monday’s practice (April 24). Directions and details are above, and as we say, if you need a ride, just call and we’ll see what we can do to help get you here.

    The guys will be probably practising some of the most ‘classic’ parts of barbershop singing as we’re planning to visit our neighbouring chapter in St. Catharines the following night (April 25). That means Monday will be a perfect night to ‘sample’ the world of barbershop as most of these pieces we sing with other barbershoppers are designed to be easily shared. Some of them require only two notes to get through! [though holding it long can be a challenge!]

    Joy, our ever-patient and positive director, will likely spend a few minutes with you before practice to discuss things and find a comfortable voice part placement for you for the evening. We’re serious about not needing any chorus or vocal experience to be part of our chapter. We have singers in a wide range of experience — everywhere from newcomers to barbershop who’ve recently joined, to fellows who have been doing this for over fifty years! It’s an intergenerational blend of voices, part of what makes the experience enriching.

    I really hope that we see you there. If you have any questions, or other concerns, please call 905-308-5823 or email us through this

    I remember my ‘trepidation’ about being good enough to sing with this group — fifteen years ago! That blew out the window the instant I attended my first practice. You’ll find that it’s a super-supportive ‘family’ that prides itself on building good singers through good support and strong fellowship.

    Hope to see you then!

    – Bob Roach
    Vice President of something-or-other,
    for Niagara Gateway Harmony


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