Musical Director

Joy Brunel

The musical director and creative leader behind Niagara Gateway Harmony is Joy Brunel. She has a keen love
of music and drama, and enjoys seeing the two come together in performance.

Joy’s early music instruction was in piano and accordian, but she studied viola and trumpet in high school, and
finally settled on voice in university, graduating from Queen’s with a Bachelor of Music and a minor in Drama.
During the years that followed, Joy has added a few other teaching and performing credits including Kindermusik
and Grade 10 Royal Conservatory Voice.

Since Joy’s first love was performing, it is not surprising that she sang opera chorus for ten years with Opera in
Concert (Toronto), as well as several seasons with Opera Hamilton, and extra chorus for the Canadian Opera
Company (Toronto). Involvement in these groups often included assisting world renowned conductors, and
working as Production Assistant behind the scenes. She currently teaches voice production, is a paid church
soloist and sings at weddings or other events by request.

Although relatively new to the barbeshop style, Joy has led the chorus through many successful shows since
becoming director.