Being a barbershopper from a youth perspective


My name is Geoffrey, I am 17 and I am a Barbershopper with Niagara Gateway Harmony. I moved from my home town to this area 2 years ago. I am currently a student at Blessed Trinity CSS in Grimsby. I didn’t always think of myself as a singer. I knew that I had the talent for singing but I never had a chance to put it to good use. I was overjoyed to hear about my school having a choir. I could finally sing without a care in the world! When I learned about Grimsby’s chapter of Barbershop singing from my dad, I thought to myself, “I don’t really think I would fit in. But it might be fun.”
Now, I’m 17 years old, singing with a great group of older friends. Honestly, I was nervous the first day I went. I was 16; everyone else was over 40 except for one other guy. He was in his mid to late 20s. As it turned out, everyone welcomed me as a friend and a young adult. First thing first; I had to figure out where I belonged in the harmonies. I started with baritone, then it turned out I had a better voice for lead. Ever since I walked in that door to NGH’s chorus, I have never walked out. You don’t have to be afraid of what people will think about you. A youth like me is having a grand old time with these friendly, goofy, and wonderful gentlemen. No one judges you or insults you about your skill level or if you can’t come to practice. It feels really good to know that you can go anywhere and meet one of your fellow barbershoppers, like at Mark’s Work Warehouse for example (right Ernie?) and say, “How’s it going? Good to see you! See you at NGH practice.”

Still Singing,
Geoffrey Durward

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