Sunday, Monday… happy days. But Tuesday? Happy night!

Vini, vidi, profundus.

They came, they saw, they filled the bass section! Whomever doubted the old barbershop adage that basses are the true sex-appeal of the chorus just had to look around at the bass section on October 12, our second ‘Men Makin’ Music’ test-drive night to see the living proof.

Along with yours truly (Bob Roach), the bass section was filled with no less than 5 NEW voices as if by some blessed miracle, all of our new guests for the evening were voice-placed into the sexy-but-humble section.

A hearty thanks to Bill, Ken, Mike, Jim, Joe and Bob who showed up and kicked the tires of the barbershop singing experience on the NGH ‘test track’.

Our director, Bob Pyper, nimbly adjusted the evening’s program to accommodate this new found bassy wealth, giving the somewhat surprised lead section a very good taste of the air and music down in the chorus’ deep end. (Actually, I believe that the ‘all-bass’ song run-throughs that night may have been a first for the bass section! Cool!)

Happy Days, indeed. And our new Christmas number, ‘The Christmas Rag’ which is, as you know by now, sure has a lot of great bass work in it. But lest we forget, I must also salute the efforts of Scott Durward, doing the one-man baritone section once again, and doing it very well. And of course, the dynamic sparkle-twins, Brian and Bruce for floating the crystal tenor section chandelier over all of us. Well done!

And Brian gets an extra piece of cake for — another extra big cake! Mmm–mmm! Thanks Brian! Treats have been aptly named for the past couple of weeks.

And speaking of Flockish treats… how many of you noticed extra new items kicking about the rehearsal room? Yes, more great show props from Flock’s Flying Factory o’ Fun! Did you get a good look? Let’s hear your comments to test your recall.

All in all, another great Tuesday! I sure hope that our guests will return to sample more of the fun. If you’re a new reader, thinking of doing the same check out our Be Our Guest page for some friendly directions!

Finally, I cannot log off here without mentioning another ‘highlight’ of that Tuesday night which unfortunately, was only shared by myself, Brian Flock and Bob Pyper. As we sat down for our regular ‘Beer Culture’ experience at J&J we were more than pleasantly surprised to see our perky performance coach Steve Spears walk in the door!

Maintaining his stellar perk standard is a bit of a challenge these days for our friend Steve. He’s burning more than one candle end a lot, not to mention racking up many air miles in his new role at work (that dark place where all us non-retirees scuttle off to each morn), and as a new business owner — on the side!

Still, it was great to see Steve again and swap a few stories, and catch him up on all the barbershop stories we’ve been saving. Steve was also suffering more than a little from barbershop withdrawal, so it was extra rewarding to see that sparkle return to his face when we ripped a few tags outside the tavern on our way to the cars.

Good luck with all your new adventures Steve, and please find a way to return to the risers as soon as possible! We miss you — and your warm-ups and performance run-throughs. What with all that cake we’ve been eating lately….

Til next time.

– Bob Roach

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