Spreading Christmas Cheer.

Perhaps my most favourite time of year is the Christmas season. There is nothing like putting on a pair of skates and heading out to your nearest out door ice surface and spend some time taking deep breaths of crisp winter air with long gliding strides over the smooth ice surface. Truly invigorating!
This season our chapter had the good fortune to do a little ice skating of our own. Wellllll….

We let another winning franchise strap on the blades (The Grimsby Peachkings), they then rolled out the red carpet onto the ice for us and we stepped right out. Taking some good deep breaths of crisp ice rink air we launched into our rendition of O Canada. We really didn’t hit our long gliding stride until thebreak between the first and second period where we brought a little Christmas cheer to the avid sports crowd who was clamoring for hot dogs and pop. You can see it here. The assembled crowd was very appreciative of the jingle in our step and the bell tones in our voices.

It is truly invigorating to bring the gift of song to the public at events like this. We enjoyed this so much that we did a repeat the next week.

Brian Flock