The Legend of Berries ‘n Harmony 2017

Haul on the bow-lin’ so early in the morn-in. Haul on the bow-lin’, the bow-lin’ haul.

And did it ever feel like we were on a ship as we were setting up for Berries ‘n Harmony, our traditional salute to summer, on the last Sunday of June.  Rain and wind; the sky dark grey and roiling; mist and fog all around us; you could have sworn we were being tossed and turned on the dark blue sea, instead of on land, setting up for a music performance.  This year’s celebration was exceedingly special because at Berries ‘n Harmony we not only celebrated 150 years of Canada, but also 50 years of NGH too!  Despite the torrential rain and hail we had a great turnout.  But that’s just Canadian nature; the more hardship you throw at us, the more we want to go!

doo, doo, Doo, doo……..

With the stage all set, we tuned up instruments and welcomed our musical guests.  To join us in performing we had Trio Corn Brio, The Reeds, Station Break, and Karl Jaks; together we would put on a most Canadian show.  In roughly the middle, after marvellous acts, strawberry sundaes, and singalongs from our performers, we brought out the Cake . . . the Canada 🍁 150 Cake.  Before the cutting could commence we sang, in most perfect harmony, an exaltation and congratulation to our country, Happy Birthday Canada!  With the sun shining through the clouds and the weather behaving itself a little more than in the beginning, we continued on with our show.

And with the Magic of Rainbows, the Sun up above;
Let there be music….

At the end of our show we thanked all our performers and our audience for braving the cold, rainy afternoon to share in our expedition through music and history.  In closing we performed a simple rendition of an Irish blessing to speed the weary voyageurs on their long journey home.


2 thoughts on “The Legend of Berries ‘n Harmony 2017”

  1. Hi

    I just read a little article about you and wondered if you ever do any charity work.   We are an non-profit agency and we host a Harvest Festival in St. Catharines each year.  This year it is in mid Sept. and we are always looking for music groups to donate some time to entertain.  The neighbourhood we work in is an economically challenged area and most of these folks can not afford to pay for your kind of amazing talent.  If you are interested drop me a note.  Actually, drop me a note regardless love to hear about you.


    Kind regards

    Faye Nickerson, Employment Lead

    SMUN Work Action Centre


    1. Hi Faye,

      Thank you for your comment and inquiry.  It sounds like you do good things for your community!  We do sing for charitable causes, but unfortunately, the chorus does not rehearse during the summer, so would not be able to put together a program by mid-September.  However, if you would like to discuss other opportunities for the future, please contact me (Joy, music director), or Bruce (bookings):  our contact information is in “Contact Us”.

      For your Harvest Festival you might also try The Singing Saints barbershop chorus in St. Catharines.  They might have a program ready.

      All the best,


      NGH Director

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