We Told It On The Mountain, And The Mountain Rang!

NGH’s annual Benefit Concert (Go Tell It On The Mountain) was a success yet again. Together with the community we were able to raise $1,470 for West Niagara Second Stage Housing and ~200 lbs of food for the Grimsby Benevolent Fund food bank. If you didn’t get a chance to attend you missed a great time. With the variety of musical acts there was something for everyone, these acts included choirs, instrumentalists, singers, bell ringers, and even a sing-along. Special thanks go to the 62 Grimsby Phantom Squadron for renting us their beautiful hall and allowing us to go crazy and turn it into a festive wonderland. And finally thanks to everyone who shared, liked, tweeted, retweeted, told someone about the concert, or came out to the concert — we couldn’t have done it without you.


Here are some photos from the concert:


As a final treat here’s what really happened with the hippopotamuseses…

I guess the teacher was a little off on this one.

Happy Holidays!

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