We told it on the Mountan!

Tuesday, December 3rd was the night of our seventh annual Christmas benefit concert, ‘Go Tell It On the Mountain’. Over the years, this favourite NGH event has raised several tons of non-perishable food donations for the GBF and thousands of dollars for WNSSH and other West Niagara charities. This year’s charities were the Grimsby Benevolent Fund and West Niagara Second Stage Housing & Counselling.


This concert took place at the Mountain Ridge Community Centre (formerly St. Mary’s Church Hall), which is operated by local Air Cadets 62 Phantom Squadron. Members of the squadron were also on hand for the opening ceremony and anthem, and to assist in the food donation collection. (Thank you cadets and squadron staff!)

The hall and stage were seasonally decorated with tinsel, ribbon, and bows. The floor in front of the stage was setup for the Trinity Bell Ringers. All in all, a very festive look for some very festive music!

We had a wide arrangement of songs this year. Some of the best received songs were: “Hush! There’s A Baby!”, sung by St. Edward Elementary School Choir; and “Voices of Earth – Snow”, sung by the Grimsby Secondary School.

Overall I believe the concert was received very well by all who attended. Several people have commented that “there could have been perhaps time for one more group as it was an early night.” and “It was remarkably good! We were fascinated by the bell ringers, enjoyed all the choirs and, especially, the quartet.”.

A large performance like this only comes about because of all the work done by the many volunteers and the support of the west Niagara community — without which we would not be able to give these wonderful performances. On behalf of the Niagara Gateway Harmony I would like to thank:

  • 62 Phantom Squadron and Mountain Ridge Community Centre, for contributing the use of their hall for our concert;
  • Armstrong Milling Co. Ltd., for sponsoring the printing of the programs;
  • Barry and Sharon Towner, who gladly performed as this years Co-Presenters;
  • St. Edward Elementary School Choir, who delighted us with the sound their wonderful young voices;
  • Great Lakes Christian High School, for sharing their enthusiasm for the music of the season;
  • Trinity Ringers, who astound people with their precision and beautiful music;
  • Grimsby Secondary School, who premiered in our first concert and have been back many times since;
  • AUDACITY — these talented singers have participated in all kinds of shows and contests, and were kind enough to join us this year;
  • and finally a big thank you goes out to our wonderful audience; without which we wouldn’t have had a show at all.
    Thank you!

All in all we collected about 400 pounds of food for the GBF, and $1,593 for WNSSH; making it a great end to a great event.

So if you want a good way to get in the Christmas spirit consider joining us next year on the first Tuesday of December for a good dose of Christmas cheer; or if you want to join us and give singing a shot, just drop by any Tuesday night and give us a test drive.

Yours in song Ryan.

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