How your eyes can lie to your ears: the McGurk Effect

Here’s a little interesting demo of human perceptual psychology that is new to me. It’s called the ‘McGurk Effect’ (wouldn’t that make a great quartet name?).

It demonstrates that our EARS can be fooled by our EYES.

Don’t believe it? Check it out here.

Now if someone can just show me the appropriate face to fool people into believing they’re hearing Tim Waurick, we’re all set!

It certainly does demonstrate though the important relationship between the visible and the audible and how when being forced to choose, most brains will pick the reality presented by what they are seeing over what they are hearing.

And even more to the singer’s point, think about what this says about the role that our facial and body expressions play when performing a song. Not only can the visual ‘fool’ the listener, it can also work to amplify and support the emotional message which we are trying to deliver.

Think about that the next time you find yourself questioning the extra time and effort we might be asked to devote to the performance side of our singing. Does it really make a difference how we look while we sing? Ask McGurk!

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